Eight Virtuous Women’s Pavilion

Jeollanam-do Local Monument No. 8

Eight Virtuous Women’s Pavilion

Eight Virtuous Women’s Pavilion
Date of cultural asset designation: May 22, 1975

This pavilion was erected in honor of eight virtuous women who jumped to their deaths to maintain chastity upon hearing the sad news that their husbands were shot to death by the Japanese military during Japan’s Second Invasion of Korea (Jeongyujaeran).

During Japan’s Second Invasion of Korea in 1597, an estimated 10 women, surnamed Jeong from the family clan of Dongrae and Jinju, residing in Weolak-ri, Weolya-myeon, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do, encountered a Japanese naval vessel during their flight near the coast of Mukbangpo in an area currently known as Daeshin-ri, Baeksu-myeon, Yeonggwang-gun, decided to die a righteous death and threw themselves into Chilsan Sea in front of Mukbangpo to defend their chastity.

Later, it was ordered to build a pavilion for these virtuous women in the seventh year of King Sukjong’s reign in 1681 during the Joseon Dynasty, which led a memorial in honor of the eight women to be erected near the sea in Mukbangpo, Yeonggwang-gun where they died for their chastity. The women’s conduct was elaborately recorded in “Dongguk Shinsok Samgang (three basic principles in human relations) Haengshildo” and “Jeongyu Story of Flight.”

The eight virtuous women include: Mrs. Oh (family clan: Hamyang), wife of Dongrae Jeong Un-gil, Mrs. Lee (family clan: Hampyeong), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Ham-il and her daughter Mrs. Jeong, Mrs. Lee (family clan: Hampyeong), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Joo-il, Mrs. Kim (family clan: Yeonggwang), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Jeol, Mrs. Park (family clan: Suncheon), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Gyeong-deuk, Mrs. Lee (family clan: Hampyeong), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Hee-deuk, and Mrs. Lee (family clan: Hampyeong), wife of Jinjoo Jeong Ho-in

The pavilion was reconstructed in 1986, with a gable roof with four inner pillars on the front and two pillars on both sides, and spiky wooden bars. In its interior, there are 10 signboards, including funeral banners for the eight virtuous women, and a gate.

Location: 155-1 Weolya-ri, Weolya-myeon, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do