lee yoon hang

I would like to extend a warm welcome to those who visit the Hampyeong-gun Office website.


Greetings from Lee Yoon Haeng, Head of Hampyeong-gun Office where we work hard for the development of a prosperous and happy Hampyeong.

Eco-friendly products in agriculture, forestry, stockbreeding and fishery! A global festival city! Abundance of warm generosity! These represent Hampyeong and are what we take pride in.

Now it is time for Hampyeong to further develop these factors and accelerate economic growth.

For this, I will take the initiative in humbling myself and pay better attention to what people say.

Generation of more jobs and revitalization of the local economy through population influx will be our primary goals during the sixth local administration.

For this, I will take the lead by working harder.

I firmly believe that our efforts will lead the future of Hampyeong, continuing on from our ancestors to a better, more prosperous environment for our future generations.

I request your active participation and cooperation.

Thank you very much.