Brand development

Background of Development

  • With Hampyeong Butterfly Festival and butterfly-related industries being in the limelight, it is necessary to discover and foster local intellectual properties.
  • Creating the image of “Korea’s representative town of butterflies” by developing butterfly brands and relevant products
  • Securing management revenues by developing local specialties and aggressively implementing marketing strategies

Brand Development

  • April 30, 2000: Hampyeong County invested for the development of brands and product designs and the company, ‘Nouveautes’ secured prototypes and a market for the development of designs and products.

Trademark Registration

  • 313 items of 39 types registered for products by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (September 2, 2002)
  • Symbol: Making a butterfly’s antenna represent an antenna accessing information in the digital era and expressing Hampyeong undergoing ongoing development
  • Nareda: meaning “a butterfly flies and a brand makes a hit”

Product Development: 144 items of 368 types

  • Textile: 88 items of 208 types
  • Pottery: 13 items of 13 types
  • Accessories: 19 items of 119 types
  • Leather goods: 7 items of 9 types
  • Stationery: 11 items of 13 types
  • Body/hair products: 4 items of 4 types
  • Korean lacquer ware inlaid with mother of pearl: 2 items of 2 types