Investment Environment

Best accessibility in the Honam area as a focal point of transportation on the western coast of Korea

Seohaean (West coast) Expressway [Seoul ↔ Hampyeong (3.5 hours), Hampyeong ↔ Mokpo (25 minutes)]

  • Hampyeong IC / Muan I.C ⇒ Eomda-myeon

Gwangju-Muan International Airport Expressway

  • Gwangju ↔ Hampyeong (20 minutes) / Hampyeong ↔ Muan International Airport (15 minutes)

National Road No. 1, 22, 23 and 24 intersecting in four directions (east, west, south and north)

Forming an intersection between Seohaean (West coast) Expressway and Gwangju-Muan International Airport Expressway

  • Hampyeong JCT (junction): within a distance of four-hour travel from any part of Korea

All the trains except KTX (Korean high speed rail) stop at Hampyeong Station on the Honam Line

Rapidly emerging as a significant supporting city due to the development of western coastal areas

Easy access to and from the Jeollanam-do Provincial Office and Muan International Airport

  • Located within a 25-minute travel distance from the Jeollanam-do Provincial Office and 15 minutes from the Muan International Airport
Proximity to big cities such as Gwangju and Mokpo, and satisfactory living conditions

Located halfway between Gwangju and Mokpo within a 30-minute travel distance from both cities

  • National Road No. 22 (Gwangju-Yeonggwang) and Gwangju-Muan International Airport Expressway are available.
Ecological experience/education-based tours using natural environment

Natural environment gifted with clean environment, unpolluted water and fertile soil

  • Rich in germanium boosting the immune system and preventing adult diseases

Mild climate with less annual range than inland areas (annual average: 13.9℃)

Four season-themed tourism resources, including Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, Hampyeong Grand Chrysanthemum Festival, eco park, eco park for amphibians and reptiles, an Expo park, a mud flat experience/education center, a red spider lily habitat