Hampyeong mountain

Origins of Hampyeong

The name of “Hampyeong” is derived from “Ham” of Hampoonghyeon and “Pyeong” of Mopyeonghyeon when these two places were integrated in the ninth year of King Taejong’s reign in 1409 during the Joseon Dynasty.

Now fully integrated into the area, Haeje-myeon and Hyeongyeong-myeon in Muan-gun, parts of Bonyang-dong and Imgok-dong in Gwangju, Donghwa-myeon in Jangseong-gun and Myorang-myeon in Yeounggwang-gun also belong to Hampyeong-gun.

History of Hampyeong

  • 1895 : Renamed from Hampyeong-hyeon to Hampyeong-gun in Najubu and then to Hampyeong-gun in Jeollanam-do in 1896
  • January 1, 1963 : Hampyeong-myeon promoted to Hampyeong-eup governing 1 eup and 8 myeons
  • July 1, 1973 : Songok, Geumgok, Baekho and Weolsong-ri in Hakgyo-myeon incorporated into Daedong-myeon
  • 1982 : The construction of Daedong Dam caused theBunmae, Hojeong, Seongjeong, Seobyeon and Dongho Villages in Seoho-ri, Daedong-myeon and Soohyeon and Sooam Villages in Yeonam-ri to become submerged.
  • January 1, 1987 : Parts of Seongnam-ri in Hampyeong-eup and Sageo-ri in Hakgyo-myeon were incorporated into Eomda-myeon